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Meet Jeen Hao

Jeen Hao is the Founder and also Chief Master Trainer of Street Finance. He is an investor and trader in the capital market and he started his footprint in the financial industry since he was 19 years old.

He is a position trader in the stock market utilizing the trend following strategy. He is also the founder of his Street Trader™ philosophy which allows traders to trade anywhere and anytime, with just a cell phone. He teaches trading based on this philosophy in his signature programme is known as “Street Trader™ Intensive”.

Jeen Hao has been interviewed and featured in different media, including Borneo Post, Sin Chew and CITYPlus FM. He has been invited to speak for several investment banks including Kenanga and UOBKayHian. He is also a frequent speaker in various universities and colleges in Malaysia, including Curtin University, HELP University, Universiti Utara Malaysia, TAR University College and so on. His appearance in various conference including Growth Summit 2019 and Traders Fair 2019 by FinExpo were also remarkable as his approach towards trading requires minimal monitoring and no speculation involved.