The Second 10km Run I’ve Completed.

Due to the fear of getting fatter due to the fact that my life is always being satisfied with good food, I start picking up some exercises since last year. To be precise, jogging and badminton only for now.

This morning, I’ve completed the second 10km run in my life. It’s the Miri City Day Run, which has entered the Malaysia Book of Records (MYBOR) with more than 10,000 participants participate in this run.

Good morning Miri city! Here we rock our morning today!

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10,000 people?

Oh well, it’s really crowded as compare to the previous run that I’ve participated, but I won’t say there are 10,000 people on the track this morning. But I truly believe that more than 10,000 people have registered. Some of the registered participants (I recognized them by the event’s shirts) are standing nearby the starting line and take photos.

Anyway, I’ve completed the run and this is how the medal looks like.

Done with the second 10km run of my life. Hooray!!!

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This is the medal that I’ve got during the previous 10km charity run, organized by Bulatan Park Runners Club, held last month.

First time participating in a run. Achieved the 10km Finisher. Mission accomplished!

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Before taking the first 10km run, I never know I can run walk for that long. I’ve poor stamina because I seldom train myself. I’ve seen a lot of participants having the same problem, but they finish the run after all, holding their medals and taking memorable photos. I’ve also seen people who gave up halfway, sitting at the coffee shop started to have their yummy breakfast.

Flagging off at roughly 7.30am this morning, I was able to finish the run by 9.15am. During the first run that I’ve participated, it took me approximately 2 hours to complete the run.

For me, 10km run is achievable for everyone. Just walk while you feel tired, you will finish it as long as you don’t give up. I don’t jog all the way either. Most of the time I was walking with bigger steps instead of jogging.

You will never fail if you never give up.

– Anonymous

Those who never try any marathon, I would encourage you to take part in the next 10km run which is available for you. Those who are in Miri, there will be an 8km charity run next month, organized by Bomba Miri. Those who would like to try, this is the chance.

This is Jeen Hao, wishing you a good day, signing off.