Bringing Passion to a New Level

Things begin with a passion in cooking.

Well, I don’t know whether this is a hobby of mine, or it’s just because I started learning cooking since I was in Primary 4, which is about 13 years ago. Anyway, most importantly, I enjoy cooking and I like it.

Lately, I cook more often and of course, snap a good photo of every outcome then post them on Instagram.

These are the chicken wings that I fried yesterday.

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Apart from the likes, comments and praises that I’ve got in the social media, few of my friends actually suggest me to do lunch delivery since I’ve just graduated and do not have any solid career plan.

I think that isn’t a bad idea, so I give it a try. Before officially commencing the lunch delivery service, I’ve cooked few times and let my friends to try.

Cooked in my kitchen and deliver to their offices before 12pm.

Bong's Kitchen Delivery on Beta mode?

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Bong's Kitchen Delivery is undergoing the second round of Beta test. Oh yeah…

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With all the support and words of encouragement, I’ve decided to give a try.

I understand that lunch delivery is not a new thing in Miri. People have been doing it and are doing it, as I’ve seen a lot of post in Miri Community Facebook Group. With this in mind, I clearly understand that posting inside the group will not really work as there are a lot of such posts are being buried with less than 10 likes and no comments.

To strike a difference, I’ve to do some branding.

Bong's Kitchen

Yes, it’s called Bong’s Kitchen.

I’m not the one who creates this name. In fact, I don’t actually know the exact person who creates it.

The story begins with a BBQ business that I’ve operated with a buddy two years ago. It’s a business operated during night time, specializing in charcoal grilled food. Unfortunately due to the reason that we have other things to handle and work with, hence we’ve left no time for this business, as preparation of food requires plenty of time.

Although it’s a BBQ business, I still have the chance to cook other non-grilled food, i.e. Laksa Sarawak and Seafood Tom Yam, for my partner and few other buddies whom we often chit-chat and hang out with. And that’s when people start to use “Bong’s Kitchen” to indicate dishes that are prepared by me.

After that, I start using “Bong’s Kitchen” every time I post the food that I’ve cooked. For several times people thought I’m operating a coffee shop or restaurant, which in fact it’s just food that is prepared in my small kitchen at home.

If everything goes well, the Lunch Delivery will begin next month. You can like the official Facebook Page of Bong’s Kitchen for the latest updates.

Days after the Facebook Page is created, I’ve got a lot of people supporting me. At the point of writing this post, the page has obtained 298 likes. Hereby I’d like to say thank you to those who have supported and given me their wishes.

To end this post, I’d just share a photo of the Seafood Tom Yam I’ve cooked before on charcoal grill when I was operating the BBQ business. This is Jeen Hao, signing off.

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