Bringing Passion to a New Level

Things begin with a passion in cooking.

Well, I don’t know whether this is a hobby of mine, or it’s just because I started learning cooking since I was in Primary 4, which is about 13 years ago. Anyway, most importantly, I enjoy cooking and I like it.

Lately, I cook more often and of course, snap a good photo of every outcome then post them on Instagram.

These are the chicken wings that I fried yesterday.

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Apart from the likes, comments and praises that I’ve got in the social media, few of my friends actually suggest me to do lunch delivery since I’ve just graduated and do not have any solid career plan.

I think that isn’t a bad idea, so I give it a try. Before officially commencing the lunch delivery service, I’ve cooked few times and let my friends to try.

Cooked in my kitchen and deliver to their offices before 12pm.

Bong's Kitchen Delivery on Beta mode?

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Bong's Kitchen Delivery is undergoing the second round of Beta test. Oh yeah…

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With all the support and words of encouragement, I’ve decided to give a try.

I understand that lunch delivery is not a new thing in Miri. People have been doing it and are doing it, as I’ve seen a lot of post in Miri Community Facebook Group. With this in mind, I clearly understand that posting inside the group will not really work as there are a lot of such posts are being buried with less than 10 likes and no comments.

To strike a difference, I’ve to do some branding.

Bong's Kitchen

Yes, it’s called Bong’s Kitchen.

I’m not the one who creates this name. In fact, I don’t actually know the exact person who creates it.

The story begins with a BBQ business that I’ve operated with a buddy two years ago. It’s a business operated during night time, specializing in charcoal grilled food. Unfortunately due to the reason that we have other things to handle and work with, hence we’ve left no time for this business, as preparation of food requires plenty of time.

Although it’s a BBQ business, I still have the chance to cook other non-grilled food, i.e. Laksa Sarawak and Seafood Tom Yam, for my partner and few other buddies whom we often chit-chat and hang out with. And that’s when people start to use “Bong’s Kitchen” to indicate dishes that are prepared by me.

After that, I start using “Bong’s Kitchen” every time I post the food that I’ve cooked. For several times people thought I’m operating a coffee shop or restaurant, which in fact it’s just food that is prepared in my small kitchen at home.

If everything goes well, the Lunch Delivery will begin next month. You can like the official Facebook Page of Bong’s Kitchen for the latest updates.

Days after the Facebook Page is created, I’ve got a lot of people supporting me. At the point of writing this post, the page has obtained 298 likes. Hereby I’d like to say thank you to those who have supported and given me their wishes.

To end this post, I’d just share a photo of the Seafood Tom Yam I’ve cooked before on charcoal grill when I was operating the BBQ business. This is Jeen Hao, signing off.

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The Second 10km Run I’ve Completed.

Due to the fear of getting fatter due to the fact that my life is always being satisfied with good food, I start picking up some exercises since last year. To be precise, jogging and badminton only for now.

This morning, I’ve completed the second 10km run in my life. It’s the Miri City Day Run, which has entered the Malaysia Book of Records (MYBOR) with more than 10,000 participants participate in this run.

Good morning Miri city! Here we rock our morning today!

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10,000 people?

Oh well, it’s really crowded as compare to the previous run that I’ve participated, but I won’t say there are 10,000 people on the track this morning. But I truly believe that more than 10,000 people have registered. Some of the registered participants (I recognized them by the event’s shirts) are standing nearby the starting line and take photos.

Anyway, I’ve completed the run and this is how the medal looks like.

Done with the second 10km run of my life. Hooray!!!

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This is the medal that I’ve got during the previous 10km charity run, organized by Bulatan Park Runners Club, held last month.

First time participating in a run. Achieved the 10km Finisher. Mission accomplished!

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Before taking the first 10km run, I never know I can run walk for that long. I’ve poor stamina because I seldom train myself. I’ve seen a lot of participants having the same problem, but they finish the run after all, holding their medals and taking memorable photos. I’ve also seen people who gave up halfway, sitting at the coffee shop started to have their yummy breakfast.

Flagging off at roughly 7.30am this morning, I was able to finish the run by 9.15am. During the first run that I’ve participated, it took me approximately 2 hours to complete the run.

For me, 10km run is achievable for everyone. Just walk while you feel tired, you will finish it as long as you don’t give up. I don’t jog all the way either. Most of the time I was walking with bigger steps instead of jogging.

You will never fail if you never give up.

– Anonymous

Those who never try any marathon, I would encourage you to take part in the next 10km run which is available for you. Those who are in Miri, there will be an 8km charity run next month, organized by Bomba Miri. Those who would like to try, this is the chance.

This is Jeen Hao, wishing you a good day, signing off.

Long Weekend Road Trip to Bintulu, Sibu, Sarikei & Jakar

You may or may not know, I am a person who likes road trip a lot. Yes, A LOT.

Since there’s a long weekend, I’ve dated few friends to have a road trip. I used to travel Bintulu a lot, which is just about 2-hour drive from Miri. But for this long weekend, I’ve decided to go more places. Instead of saying road trip, perhaps this is more like a food trip.

Before I go further, let me explain that I will not be explaining every food and venue that I’ve dined in detail. But what I will do is giving some brief introduction and you can hire Google for the rest.

As my friends were working on 30th April, we decided to leave during that evening and stay a night in Bintulu. After checking in, we went to have our dinner. It has been a while we all miss one of the most famous food in Bintulu – the Deep Fried Chicken Feet.

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For those who don’t know, this is available at Spring Garden Cafe during night time. Having this with its porridge is my favourite preference, and you’d try it if you haven’t!

The next day, we had a very good breakfast at somewhere which is not that famous in Bintulu. I did not manage to capture a photo of it, but I still have a photo which was taken during the trip before in my Instagram.

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The food in the photo might not be very attractive but trust me, this dish is awesome. This is called “Fried Noodles Soup with Bee Hoon and Fish Balls” or in Mandarin “炒煮面加米粉加鱼丸”.

You can have this in Ocean Restaurant, which is located at “Old Sing Kwong” area. You will need to ask people from Bintulu where this area is. You may not be able to Google this. I did not know this until one of my buddies who is from Bintulu brought me there.

Before heading for the next station, we had a simple vegetarian lunch at Beyond Veggie by Secret Recipe. And here is one one the shot that I’ve uploaded to my Instagram.

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As there is no Beyond Veggie outlet in Miri, we all found that it is great to dine here. It serves vegetarian food, but not the mainstream vegetarian food which is rich in pepper taste. Overall, I do like its food.

We then spent a night in Sibu, having our dinner in Taman Selera Muhibah. I was too hungry and did not manage to take a nice shot. But here I have a photo of Mix Fruits Shaved Ice which was uploaded during my previous trip to Sibu.

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The best part of it is the choices available here. You can choose to have a main course for your dinner, or order variety of side dishes as you wish. I always like to order this or ABC during night time in Sibu or Bintulu, simply because I can’t have this in Miri. If you’d like to have some kind of desserts, it’s either high class restaurant or franchise dessert stores.

The next morning, we drive to our next destination, which is about 60km away – Jakar.

This is not the first or second time I have road trip and enjoy food around. One of the most popular food that people will have in Sarawak is the Prawn Noodles, the Sarawak version (not the Penang version). I’ve had this dish at several places, and a lot of people have been telling me that the best one is at Jakar.

It took me a while to ask around where Jakar is. During January of this year, I had the chance to drive to Kuching together with one of my friends who is from Kuching, and that’s how I know the route.

And of course, during that road trip to Kuching, I did go Jakar and have a bowl of Prawn Noodles, but I’ve forgotten to search the restaurant or coffee shop that serves the so-called best Prawn Noodles in Sarawak. Oh well, so I randomly went to a coffee shop that has a lot of people dining in. Perhaps this is how everyone perceives the food served by looking how many people are there in the shop.

So during that trip, I went into a restaurant called Hock Ping Hiong Restaurant.

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It actually tastes very good, but the version of taste is entirely different from the other Prawn Noodles that you can have in Sarawak. Usually in Sarawak, Prawn Noodles will be fried soup noodles with a thick prawn taste. But the taste I had here is more towards Foo Chow’s red wine chicken soup base.

So this time, before going for a second food hunt in Jakar, I did some searches with Google and I found out that the restaurant that people are talking about is Peking Restaurant. We went all the way there with our empty tummy and who knows that…

The restaurant did not open!

My first reaction was “Sh*t!”.

Oh well, after that we went back to the restaurant that I dined previously, with a certain level of disappointment which I don’t know how to actually describe here. This time, the same restaurant was serving us Prawn Noodles which were different from what it served me previously.

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The photos tell everything.

This time, this restaurant is serving us the “classic” type of Sarawak Prawn Noodles. Fried soup noodles base with thick prawn taste. This is much better that the previous one, seriously. But anyway, I’m sure I’ll be coming here again for another bowl with Peking. Hope it doesn’t disappoint me next time.

If you’re wondering how to reach Jakar, it is on the way from Sarikei to Kuching. It’s consider as the first rest station after Sarikei. If you’re going from Sibu, it’s about 60km and you don’t need to turn into Sarikei.

After this station, I brought my friends for a trip to Sarikei and briefly introduced this small town to them. I’ve been here for many times because my mum is from Sarikei. Unfortunately my friends are all full and not able to even have some quick bites here.

We spent some time in Sibu and met some friends in Sibu before going back to Miri. What I would like to mention here is the meal that we have in Bintulu.

Some people might have heard it before, some might not. This cafe provides you a relaxed environment and serves extremely delicious food, and according to one of my friends in Bintulu, this is one of the best cafes (it’s a gastrobar) in Bintulu which is good in standard.

It’s Brew 73.

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I ordered this plate of Spaghetti Aglio Olio for lunch. It’s very delicious. If you have a chance to visit Bintulu, you’d try this. It won’t disappoint you.

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The side dishes we had for lunch. Cheese baked mussels and chicken mushroom pot pie. Highly recommended, especially the pot pie. You should give a try!

Before I end this post, let me just share with you the previous side dish that I had in Brew 73 a month ago.

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Mashed potatoes, with mustard and brown sauce. Those who love mashed potatoes will definitely fall in love with this.

If there is a chance for you to have a road trip, just go for it. I hope this post will give you some ideas where to eat and maybe some motivation to go for a road trip. I will see you in my next post. I’m Jeen Hao, signing off here.

I’m back, with a few reasons.

On and off, I blogged.

I still remember the first blog I created was a free blogger’s blog, which I blogged everything I like and everything I wished to write. And of course I still remember some unwanted incidents happen after that, directly and indirectly. That was back in Form 4, about 7 years ago. That was the moment I learned that Freedom of Speech is bullshit.

After 3 years, I bought my very first domain name, and started my blogging journey again. During that time, I was addicted in photography and the blog had become a photoblog, or my photography portfolio.

Due to certain religious issue, I was forced not to wear black shirts for months. Unfortunately, the photography team that I had joined had their uniforms in black. I stopped joining them during that period. After that, they no longer contacted me for photoshooting sessions. And that chapter of my life has come to an end.

Months after that incident, as I had a lot of free time, I started to focus in learning things such as investment, entrepreneurship, etc. During that time, my blog is revived with contents which are more towards expressing my ideology when it comes to these mainstream topics.

Perhaps due to low readership when it comes to these kinds of topics, I really get demotivated to blog. Or maybe I put it in this way – I tend to lose direction while blogging in due to several negative factors of the topics, the readership, and myself. I revived the blog with no clear direction.

In early 2013, I closed the blog but maintaining the domain with me.


And until today, I’m back, with a few reasons.

Down the road, my passion and enthusiasm in the finance related topics and entrepreneurship did not absent. I have had my own closed group and networks of people who are showing high interest in investment, entrepreneurship and also other healthy interest.

During the second half of 2013 until 2014, I was asked by my Head of Department (Economics & Finance) of my campus to revive the Finance Club. I took the challenge although people around had warned me that the HOD is very hard to deal with.

With a great team of committees and also the network I have, I was able to organize several good and beneficial events in the campus. I also personally gave two seminars in my campus while I am still a student of Curtin.

Finance Club CFIC Group Photo

The photo above is memorable. An informal shot which was taken with my great team of committees and two speakers that I’ve invited for the conference. It’s the very last event of the club.

During that time, a lot of people were enjoying life of being students and it seemed like I was not enjoying my life being a student.

Well, I don’t have an answer for this, because I am spending my time in doing things that will benefit me, in different aspects. And most of the time, people around me did not see the moments I am actually enjoying my life. Perhaps of all the activities I was organizing and participating, and out of 10 conversations, at least 7 are related with finance or entrepreneurship. Anyway, different people define the phrase “enjoying life” differently too.

Due to all these factors, I had been labelled Lifeless.

Here is another issue. Most of the people have few gurus in mind. I mean financial gurus, or those motivational coaches, etc. And those people are out there for businesses. I agree that everyone is out there to put food on tables. Eventually this reality has made them to post the very best part of their career or career-related lifestyle on their social media. Only a few do reveal their very own lifestyle.

Perhaps because of this factor, people will think that those people (gurus) are living at a different level, be it financially or not, because social media have become branding tools for their businesses. And people tend to think that their dreams are unachievable.

I am a guy with big dreams and goals. I never question myself whether my dreams are achievable or not. I only question myself how am I going to achieve each of them, and what stepping stones I need.

I feel sad when someone think that their dreams are unachieveable or only for people of “higher level”. This is not the right mindset in my opinion as it stops you from taking action. We all understand that dreams are never easy to achieve, or else it won’t be dreams. But this doesn’t mean that you can never achieve. If you’re taking the right approach and action, you still stand a chance to realize your dreams!

With a new, what I’d like to prove are:

  • Being financially intelligent or an entreprneur does not mean that you have to be lifeless;
  • Dreams are achieveable if you are taking the right approach, right action, as well as corrective action because we all know that the journey will not be a straight road.

I might be wrong, but those are my beliefs that govern my life so far. Throughout this journey, I will be recording all the important moments that I am going to experience into this blog. For further details about me and this blog, you can read this page.

You never fail until you stop trying.

– Albert Einstein

Special Thanks

Hereby I would like to express my gratitute to Pangeran Wiguan for helping me in revamping this blog. It has been a while I wish to make this blog alive again but I was stuck with the design and layout of this blog. Wiguan, who is an expert in creative media production has solved my problem. It is a fate that I meet him during a chit-chat session with one of my buddies who is working as a stockroker.

Final Word

Bong Jeen Hao

Enjoying Bintulu’s Famous Fried Chicken Feet

And yeah, I’m back again! I would consider this as a new chapter of, my official blog. Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my very first post. As mentioned above, this blog will record moments of mine during the persuit of my dreams and goals. Regardless whether I succeed or not in this future, I will leave footprints here.

At the point of writing this post, I am having a road trip with my sweetheart and also two besties. Who says I don’t enjoy life? I just enjoy with the ways I like! And I like road trip so much, as well as great food!

Have a great day, stay tuned for more posts and updates. This is Jeen Hao, signing off.