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Meet Jeen Hao

Jeen HaoBong Jeen Hao is a passionpreneur, financial advocate & planner, speaker, author and also a blogger.

When it comes to financial topics, Jeen Hao is very enthusiastic. He has been actively involved in the financial industry since 2011. Being one of the youngest financial advocate & planner in Malaysia, Jeen Hao is a precious metal investment strategists, and also one of the youngest unit manager in the unit trust industry in South-East Asia.

Jeen Hao is known as a passionpreneur – an entrepreneur that runs businesses of his passion. He strongly believes that passion is the catalyst of every entrepreneurial success. He has been founding and operating businesses in several industries, ranging from financial industry and education industry, to food & beverages, automotive and photography industries, which are what he is passionate with. Jeen Hao is also an internet marketer. Out of all the businesses that he has dealt with, most of them involved online operations.

What’s in

Hi, I am Jeen Hao. Welcome to my official blog and yes, the above is a formal description of me which I found it mainstream. I am here to make everything very personal because…

I am not going to blog about financial topics here.

I am not going to write about entrepreneurship.

Or maybe a little bit about my general thoughts on these hard core topics only.


Jeen HaoI am always very passionate and enthusiastic in learning and sharing financial and entrepreneurial topics. In high school and collage days, people often labelled me as “lifeless” just merely because when my peers were discussing what movie to watch later and where to shop this weekends, I was looking at stock charts, reading articles online, etc.

This blog will prove that the assumption is wrong. I appear to be a lifeless guy, but in fact, I define my life differently perhaps. I still fill my life with a lot of activities, such as road trips (I like this very much!), food hunting, cooking, sports, and a lot more.

I will still cover some of the ideologies or beliefs in finance, money management and entrepreneurship, but those will not be the main things in this blog. What I will be posting are more personal – my lifestyle, my dreams, and my journey towards them.

If I were to put it in a more descriptive way: All my other websites, portfolios, achievements are a movie, then this blog is called “Behind The Scene”.

Life by Choice, Not by Chance.

You may or may not know, I am not born rich. I am a single-parent child, staying with my mum. My dad breathed his last when I was 4-year-old due to cancer. My mum is not an entrepreneur, not a manager, not somebody with high salary. Perhaps due to the fact that I have no siblings, I am able to live a decent life.

I am fortunate that I am able to get Yayasan Sarawak’s loan to fund my foundation study and PTPTN loan to fund my Bachelor degree, and I am now a graduate of Curtin University Sarawak Campus (It’s in Miri, my hometown), holding a Bachelor of Commerce, major in Finance & Marketing.

However, I wouldn’t say I am poor.

I am not staying in a big bungalow house, but I got a house to stay together with my mum.

I am not given a luxurious or sports car, but my mum does give me a cute little car to drive.

I cannot always have fine dining or dine in high class restaurants, but I have no problem filling my tummy.

I did not have the chance to study overseas, travelling the UK or European countries or Australia during holidays, but I am glad that I am able to complete my Bachelor degree in my hometown, without facing any financial issues, and I did not fail a single unit in my degree.

Of course that is not my ideal life. Well, maybe I am not a fan of big mansion like homes, but I do hope I can drive a sports car (and yeah, I am a spirited driver). I am not a fan of fine dining or high class dining experience, but having them once a while sounds superb too. And of course, I do hope I can travel like most of my friends do when they are studying overseas.

The problem is: I do not have the chance, for now.

But there is a solution: I have a choice, to make these happen, by myself.

I have utter belief in this statement: Life by Choice, Not by Chance. 

I know my goals. Down the road, I have been figuring ways to achieve my goals. Of course, everyone knows that things never come easy, and I have been facing a lot of problems, as well as made a lot of mistakes. But I never stop learning, and most importantly never give up.

When you feel like quitting, think about why you started.

There is a reason why I am focusing in the field of finance and entrepreneurship. Being successful in one of this fields, or both, is the only way to go because it gives you both money and time, most importantly, freedom. It will be frustrating if we have money but no time to spend and enjoy.


Final Word

Jeen Hao - Bintulu Road TripDuring my journey towards my goals and my dreams, I will leave footprints in this blog. The posts may or may not associate with my ideologies or beliefs in finance, money management and entrepreneurship, as I have mentioned above, this is “Behind The Scene” of all the things that I am or will be working with.

I am not a workaholic, and I instill the mindset of “Work hard, play harder“, so you won’t be reading hardcore finance or business related stuffs here. While busy chasing for money and materializing dreams (which I believe most of us do), do not forget to enjoy our life. You will be reading basically everything that adds colours to my life in this blog.

If one day I succeed, you could model the ways I get things done; if one day I fail, you should avoid all the mistakes.

Last but not least, thank you for paying a visit and I wish you enjoy reading the footprints of my life.

See you there.
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